It’s not as hard as you think

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This isn’t one of those articles about “how I gained 100,000 followers in less than a year.” This is an article about the stages of grief I’ve gone through over the past year about all the travel I missed out on and how I’ve coped…i.e. by finally creating a YouTube channel and how I made it happen.

Going from blogs to vlogs

I am a professional travel blogger, writer and photographer. Last year I traveled to Europe over a dozen times, spent a month in Asia and crisscrossed America more times than I can count. Typically my 100,000 Instagram followers and I are eating gourmet…

Google Trends is the key to winning blogging these days

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2020 has been a weird time for bloggers, influencers, and pretty much anyone else who makes money from the travel and leisure industry. Like so many others we’ve had to pivot in order to survive. For me that has meant writing about state travel bans, domestic travel bans, international travel bans and other COVID related travel restrictions. So much so that my most popular blog post for July was all about the Maine Travel Restrictions imposed on the people of Massachusetts.

Let’s explore why this was the case and how I used Google Trends to turn a nasty situation into…

Nope. It just needed a rebrand around health & wellness

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Although cities are reopening, many are reluctant to return to their old routines. With so many companies allowing employees to continue to work from home, the lingering question is “will people ever return to the office?”.

Benefits to working in an office

There are many benefits to working alongside team members. Camaraderie, accountability and efficiency are just a few of the benefits many experts attribute to working in an office setting. That’s not to mention the separation from ‘home’ and ‘work’ that has so glaringly been missing during the COVID-related lockdowns. …

Hint: it’s more about attitude, not followers

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We all know that ‘influencing’ is quickly becoming a reputable career choice that many recent grads and twenty-somethings are choosing. And there is good reason for that. According to a 2019 Influencer Marketing Hub survey, businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. This ROI tells us that businesses are not only investing in influencer marketing, but that they are also getting a sizable return, which should lead to continuing those investments.

Surely, you follow at least a few influencers on Instagram or Youtube and their lives probably look quite glamourous. …

Ps. It was for the Wall Street Journal!

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Like many writers, I’m still finding my way in my career. But one thing I’ve always known is that I wanted to write an op-ed.

What are op-eds?

Traditionally published opposite the editorial page, i.e. “op-ed”, these are opinion pieces written to express a distinct point of view and typically come from an author not affiliated with the publication, although many large publications, such as the New York Times, may have Op-Ed columnists. While “reported stories” are meant to report the facts on the ground to inform and educate, op-eds are meant to express varied opinions to spur discussion amongst the publication’s readership.

How my love for travel saved me during the quarantine

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We’re all in a weird phase that I guess we are ‘cringingly’ calling the ‘new normal.’ Restaurants are opening up, but we can’t dine inside, we can walk around freely, but we have to wear a mask, travel restrictions are ending, but there aren’t any direct flights. We are living in a world of contradictions. And similarly to the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there is hope and fear — but the balance has anxiously flipped.

My passion saved me during the lockdowns

For me, spending the lockdown at home in Boston with my husband was relatively uneventful, for which I am extremely grateful. However, as a…

Fiction Friday

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“Get up!!”


“It’s 7:45!”

You know those Monday’s where you just can’t get out of bed, well multiply the worst you can remember by a million. Trying to get up right now, after my, well lets just say, secret weekend in Paris, combined with returning at midnight and staying up until 3am trying to finish the homework that I have due today, is like trying to move a whale from the middle of the road. Extremely hard, but it needs to be done because why is there a beached whale in the road? …

Quitting an unfulfilling job that you worked hard for is okay.

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I graduated cum laude from Cornell University with an Applied Economics and Management degree, otherwise known as an undergrad business degree. Following suit with hordes of my classmates, I got a job in investment banking.

I was lucky to land a role at JP Morgan in Boston — I went through multiple rounds of interviews, “super days,” and final round dinners to land that job. But from the moment I stepped into the office for my first day that summer I knew something was wrong.

I wanted to quit.

We dream about ‘giving up’

This may sound counter-intuitive, but we don’t want to quit jobs…

Location is key

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If you’ve scrolled through Instagram at any point over the past few years, surely, you’ve noticed the droves of digital nomads who have set up shop in Bali.

The affordable cost of living, the beach bum lifestyle, and the photogenic landscape have drawn young people in search of adventure there for the past few years. Are you thinking about making the jump into the ‘nomad lifestyle’ or the ‘expat lifestyle’?

Either way, you will need a new home base. Most digital nomads lay down at least a few roots in a new area of the world as their jumping-off point…

Fiction Friday

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Excusez-moi, I need a taxi to Pigalle, quick.”

“Miss, at this hour you are better off taking le metro.”

It’s almost 7:20pm, the valet is probably right. Only one train change to get there from here, it’s doable. Only problem is I’m not exactly wearing Nikes right now, so it is going to take me a minute to go down all these stairs into the Tulleries station. One step at a time, use the railing. I look like an old lady. Whatever, it’s not worth losing a spike, these are only 2 hours old!

Whose shadow is that in front…

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